Haier 60/40 Fridge Freezer | 190cm (H)


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Key Features:

  • 446 litre capacity - holds 24 bags of food shopping
  • Clever tech stops ice build-ups in the fridge & freezer
  • Special compartment is ideal for meat, fish and dairy
  • Specially designed freezer drawers give easy access
  • Dimensions (cm) - H190 x W70 x D67.5

Product Overview

Store your groceries in style with this luxurious multi door Haier fridge freezer. Because it has a 446 litre capacity, it can hold up to 24 bags of all your chilled and frozen ingredients for the week. And for your meat, fish and dairy products, the clever My Zone compartment is the perfect home, letting you adjust the temperature above or below freezing to keep them in the best condition. It also features Easy Access Drawers in the freezer that slide out seamlessly, giving you plenty of space for your frozen foods. And as this is a Total No Frost model, cool air is circulated evenly throughout the machine to prevent any icy build-ups, meaning you won’t ever have to defrost it yourself.

Features We Love

Say goodbye to manual defrosting

Thanks to brilliant Total No Frost technology, you’ll never have the hassle of manually defrosting the freezer again. It constantly circulates cold air around the cabinet to stop any icy build ups from forming. This means you won’t have to waste hours scraping away frost, so you can spend more time doing the things you love.

Luxury is in the detail

Bring the feng shui of Paris to your home, with this model’s stylish French door design. Not only adding an elegant and modern touch to your kitchen, it’s even easier to access your foods too. Whether you’re making a hearty coq au vin or preparing a fresh bowl of oysters, reaching for your ingredients has never looked or felt so good. Je t'adore!

Fresh is best

Haier’s Fresher Tech models keep foods in their best condition, for longer. Special sensors not only adapt the settings the suit your ingredients, but the cabinet will also cool 16% quicker to lock in nutrients and flavours. Your fridge will stay clear of unwanted bacteria too, so meats and fruits will not only last up to 20% longer than usual, but they’ll always be stored hygienically as well.

Tips for measuring up

This is a freestanding fridge freezer, so it won’t fit behind a cupboard door. Just measure the space in your kitchen to make sure it’ll fit and leave a little room so that the doors can open. The main measurement to check is height, as this can vary by model.


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