Tefal ActiFry Genius XL Health Air Fryer

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Actifry Genius XL has all the fantastic features of Tefal Actifry plus 9 intelligent auto programs & XL capacity.
  • Genius technology – 9 auto programs so you can press the button, walk away, come back to a perfect meal for up to 8 people.
  • Perfect results – No shaking, no stopping, just crispy even cooking thanks to the auto paddle
  • Packed with recipes – Free Tefal app with over 300 dishes created just for the ActiFry
  • Go freestyle – Genius technology makes it easy to adjust timings to suit your own recipes

The ActiFry Genius XL Air Fryer's unique stirring paddle provides endless mealtime versatility.

Enjoy crunchy nuggets, flaky samosas, creamy curries and even dreamy desserts completely guilt-free with the versatile ActiFry Genius XL. Tefal's leading air fryer cooks all your favourite fried foods using 99% less fat added. With a 1.7kg capacity, you can cook 8 portions at once - ideal for families.

The Genius XL features a unique paddle that stirs your food for you, meaning that you don't have to mess about shaking a basket to get a nice even fry. However, the Actifry does much more than perfect chips and nuggets - you can cook saucy meals too! You can now fry in those delicious flavours first with barely a drop of oil, before adding a sauce for a delicious one-pot cook that's big enough for the whole family.

Tefal Actifry Genius XL features 9 intelligent auto programmes that cater to a wide variety of popular foods. Each one controls temperature and stirring levels throughout the cook for the very best results, meaning that you can press the button, walk away and come back to a delicious meal - no guessing, no checking, no hassle.

For the ultimate in timesaving, try the ‘1-Meal-in-1-Go’ programs. No need to cook meat and veg separately - just add all your ingredients at once and ActiFry Genius XL will do the rest.

With 300+ healthy recipes on the free Tefal app, you'll never run out of ideas. The XL 1.7kg capacity is ample for feeding all the family and makes dinner parties a breeze. Plus, this fryer stops cooking automatically, keeps food warm until you’re ready and has dishwasher-safe parts, all of which means less time in the kitchen and more time with your guests. Genius!


  • Depth: 26.3 CM
  • Height: 47.6 CM
  • Width: 32.8 CM
  • Digital Timer: N
  • Timer: N
  • Genius technology – 9 auto programs so you can press the button, walk away, come back to a perfect meal. 
  • Cook to perfection – only the ActiFry has an auto stirring paddle that means you get even cooking without lifting a finger 
  • Packed with recipes –  Download the free App*** and get over 300 recipes created just for the ActiFry, no more boring mealtimes 
  • Go freestyle – Genius technology makes it easy to adjust timings to suit your own recipes
  • One pot cooking – add fresh or frozen ingredients, the ActiFry doesn’t just do fried food, it makes a delicious curry or even a tasty stew 
  • Make the most of your time – 30% faster** than other none ActiFry Genius models 
  • Designed for whole families – 1.7 kg capacity lets you cook up to 8 portions that will satisfy everyone, while still helping you stay healthy 

*99% less fat added based on cooking 1.5kg of fries at 55% weight loss with 2cL of oil versus in a traditional deep fat fryer with 2.2L of oil

**30% faster versus the previous generation; 28mins for 1kg of chips; 10mins for Asian beef stir-fry

***ActiFry app available on the App Store and Google Play

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