Lotronic RGB Magic Colour Tube - 1.8m

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Extra thin, lightweight but powerful RGB light tube with a pure, discrete design and wonderful bright colours. It will fit perfectly into your interior but will also be highly decorative on a DJ booth, party room, etc. Create the atmosphere according to your mood: party, chilling-out or anything else you might wish. The MAGIC-COLOR-STICK is definitely more than just a light tube!

Key Features: 

  • 7 colours
  • Several operating modes with adjustable brightness, speed, music sensitivity, etc.
  • Customized colours
  • Timer function with programmable operating time
  • The app allows to group several light tubes and control them simultaneously
  • Controllable via the remote or the Bluetooth app
  • Ideal for DJ booths, in clubs, pubs, restaurants, show cases or at home.
  • Black tube

Tech Specification:

Alimentation 100-240Vac 50/60Hz
Puissance 18W
Poids total 2.6kg
Dimensions (sans support) Ø17mm x 1.8m


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