Samsung 60cm Built-In Gas Hob


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Key Features:

  • Cook more at once with 4 burners
  • Cook with powerful heat that warms up quickly
  • Slide pots and pans easily along the seamless rails

Powerful heat to cook faster

Powerful Heat

4 burners provide an impressive power – so you can enjoy extreme heat for fast and intensive cooking, or you can boil water and cook food much quicker.

No more lifting

Endless Rail Grate

An Endless Rail Grate that lets you move your cookware easily and safely. Even the heaviest pans will slide along its seamless rails, without struggling to lift them. It can also be easily cleaned in a dishwasher.

Automatically safer when you’re busy

Stop worrying that unattended pans may be boiling over. The Safety Shutoff feature gives you complete peace of mind. It automatically turns off any burners if the flame goes out or if the pan has boiled over.

Dimensions: Net (WxHxD)600 x 510 x 50 mm


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