Miele 14 Place ComfortClose Integrated Dishwasher with AutoDos

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A World First: Autodos With Powerdisk: Automatic Dispensing For Excellent Results

Automatic dispensing with integrated PowerDisk. Superior cleaning system, unparalleled freedom! Great results: AutoDos is the world’s first automatic detergent dispensing system with integrated PowerDisk2. Precisely the right amount is dispensed at exactly the right time for the programme selected. Enjoy the freedom: one PowerDisk will last 20 cycles on average1. Programme once, then the world’s first autonomous dishwasher takes over automatically with AutoStart.

Domestic Appliance Networking With Miele Home[1]: Cleverly Networked

Make your life smart: thanks to Miele home, you can cleverly network your domestic appliances – for more options. With our innovative Miele home system, you can exploit the full potential of your Miele appliances and make your everyday life even smarter. All intelligent Miele domestic appliances can be networked conveniently and securely. Operation is simple – whether you use the Miele app, voice control or integration into existing smart home solutions. The appliances are networked via a home WiFi router and the Miele Cloud.

Comfortclose: A Door Concept That Does It All

Practical: the door is extremely easy to open and close, and stays open in any position. Experience how easily the Miele door opens and closes. The door remains in the position of your choice.

Multilingua: Your Dishwasher “Speaks” Multiple Languages

All-rounder: you can choose the language for the display so that you fully understand everything. Your appliance can display information and tips in several languages to ensure that you understand everything. Simply select your language from the language menu. A flag directs you. This enables you to find your way – even if a language has been selected which you do not understand.

Quickpowerwash: Best Cleaning In Less Than An Hour

Short programme: best cleaning results for normally soiled crockery in 58 minutes. An unbeatable combination: the QuickPowerWash programme and the perfectly tailored All in 1 UltraTabs achieve the best possible cleaning and drying results on normally soiled crockery in 58 minutes, just like the PowerDisk. These specially developed tabs only take 2–3 minutes to dissolve. This means that the cleaning performance begins right at the start of the wash cycle.

Extra Dry: Perfect Results For Glassware And Plastic Items

Guaranteed drying: this option dries everything to perfection, even glassware and plastic items. Guaranteed dry: thanks to the extended drying phase and the increased final rinse temperature everything is perfectly dried, even glasses and plastic items.

3D Multiflex Tray[1]: Maximum Flexibility

Stress-free loading: ingenious adjustment options create space in the dishwasher even for small items. We have improved the cutlery tray, so it can now also accommodate even small items such as espresso cups. The 3D MultiFlex tray1 has a sunken central section and two side sections. The left-hand section can be pushed to the right to create space for tall wine glasses in the upper basket. The depth of the right-hand section can be adjusted to easily accommodate large items of cutlery and small items of crockery.

Brilliant Glasscare: Gentle Cleaning Of Delicate Glassware

Gentle and delicate: Brilliant GlassCare ensures your glassware is handled with care. Brilliant GlassCare washes glasses gently. The Gentle programme cleans at just 45 °C. The FlexCare glass holder with silicone padding[1] holds wine glasses gently but securely. Patented AutoOpen drying opens the dishwasher door automatically at the end of a programme cycle. Glasses are dry, they do not have to be polished manually – and our perfectly matched cleaning products with glass protection formula provide the best possible care.

Sensordry: Optimum Drying With Less Energy

Intelligent adaptation of the dishwasher programme saves energy and time when drying. SensorDry intelligently adapts the programme for excellent drying results and to prevent damage to kitchen furniture. A sensor checks the load and measures the temperature inside the chamber and the room temperature. The programme is then adapted accordingly, e.g. by modifying the final rinse temperature. The aim: to stop condensation forming on cabinets and to reduce energy consumption and running time without compromising on consistent drying.

Ecopower Technology: Innovative Water Feed For Washing With Less Water

Saving water and energy: cleverly designed water supply reduces consumption. In the ECO programme, water consumption is reduced to 8.9 litres. This also means that less energy is required to heat the water, and you benefit from an energy-efficient dishwasher. The water savings are achieved through the intelligent design of the supply system and a new, highly efficient filter system. Additional insulation reduces thermal losses and thus the amount of energy required to heat the water.

Half Load: Adapted Consumption

Fewer dishes, less consumption: automatic load sensing adapts the water consumption. You can use your dishwasher with a clear conscience even when it's not full: in almost all standard programmes, your dishwasher measures how many dishes are inside the chamber and precisely adapts the water consumption accordingly. With automatic load sensing, there is no longer any need to wait until the dishwasher is fully loaded.


Economical: when a programme is selected, estimated water and electricity consumption values are displayed. Do you want to protect the environment when washing your dishes? Our dishwashers make it easy for you: as soon as you select a programme, the display tells you how much water and electricity it is likely to consume. EcoFeedback enables you to select the option which is best for the environment. You can view the actual consumption values in the display at the end of the programme.

Hot Water Connection: Save Up To 50 % Electricity[1]

Up to 50 % electricity savings[3]: all Miele dishwashers can be connected to hot water at up to 60 °C. All Miele dishwashers can be connected to a hot water connection at a temperature of up to 60 °C. In the Gentle programme, this reduces electricity consumption by up to 50 % and running times by up to 10 %. In the ECO programme, the energy consumption of the dishwasher is reduced to as little as 0.45 kWh.

Best Noise Levels

Barely audible: sound emissions as low as 41 dB(A)4, yet achieving consistently perfect results. Enjoy the peace and quiet: Our dishwashers operate at quiet noise levels starting at just 41 dB(A)* – significantly quieter than a normal conversation. There is of course no need to compromise on the perfect results you've become accustomed to.

Proven Hygiene

Proven by Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences: our dishwashers remove over 99.99 % of specific bacteria[5]. Get your crockery hygienically clean with Miele: tests conducted by the Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences confirm the exceptional hygienic cleaning performance of Miele dishwashers1. More than 99.99 % of bacteria (Enterococcus faecium) were removed with AutoDos and PowerDisk in the ECO 50 °C and QuickPowerWash 65 °C programmes in the hygiene test. What’s more, the hygiene programme reduced the bacterial load (Enterococcus faecium or Micrococcus luteus) by a factor of at least 10,000, even without detergent.

Effective Against Viruses – Scientifically Proven[2]

Hygienically clean: all Miele dishwashers reliably remove over 99.9 % of viruses[6]. Worry-free dishwashing: in combination with the PowerDisk and the UltraTabs, the Hygiene and Intensive programmes reliably remove over 99.9 % of viruses (e.g. coronaviruses, influenza viruses or noroviruses). This has been confirmed in tests carried out by the Institute for Hygiene and Virology.1 Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences has also confirmed the exceptional hygienic cleaning performance of Miele dishwashers1. More than 99.99 % of bacteria (Enterococcus faecium) were removed with AutoDos and PowerDisk in the ECO and QuickPowerWash 65 °C programmes in the hygiene test. What’s more, the hygiene programme reduced the bacterial load (Enterococcus faecium or Micrococcus luteus) by a factor of at least 10,000, even without cleaning agent.

Autoopen Drying[7]

All dry: the dishwasher door opens automatically at the end of a programme cycle.


Sometimes things have to be done at the double: reduce the length of a programme by up to 50 %.


Extremely economical: The water and energy saving programme is perfect for mixed loads.

Intensive 75°C

Maximum cleaning performance: Pots, pans, etc. are cleaned residue-free.

Maintenance Wash

Whenever needed: This programme cleans the dishwasher thoroughly - guaranteed.


No more manual dispensing: the granulate from the PowerDisk is dispensed automatically in the dishwasher.


For crockery which is not sensitive to heat: For example mixed, everyday crockery with normal food deposits.


Gentle and with care: The programme cleans heat-sensitive crockery that is slightly dirty.

1 Patent: DE102008062761B3, EP2433549B1

2 Additional digital offer from Miele & Cie. KG. All smart applications are made possible with the Miele@home system. The range of functions can vary depending on the model and the country.

3 According to certification by the Institute for Integrative Hygiene and Virology with respect to the removal of enveloped and non-enveloped viruses (e.g. coronaviruses, influenza viruses or noroviruses) in the tested Hygiene and Intensive programmes, in all cases using PowerDisk/UltraTabs. Details on the test criteria can be found at www.miele.com/g7000-c.

4 In the gentle programme

5 EP1967121B1

6 DE102007008950B4, EP2120671B1

7 DE102006042486B3, EP1902659B1

8 Refers to the Enterococcus faecium or Micrococcus luteus bacteria in the hygiene programme or with AutoDos and PowerDisk in the ECO 50 °C and QuickPowerWash 65 °C programmes.

Construction Type:
  • Fully integrated dishwasher
  • 60 cm dishwasher
  • Fascia colour: Stainless Steel
  • Control panel version: Fully integrated fascia
  • Control type: Programme selector button
  • Display: 1-line text display
  • Display colour: White
  • MultiLingua
  • Networking with Miele home
  • Automatic dispensing with PowerDisk
  • Door closing aid: ComfortClose
  • Time left display
  • Delay start up to 24 hours
  • In-operation indicator light: optical and acoustic
  • Display language selection
Efficiency and Sustainability:
  • Energy efficiency class (A–G): B
  • Water consumption in the Automatic programme in l from: 6,0
  • Water consumption of the ECO programme in litres per programme cycle: 8,4
  • Energy consumption of the ECO programme in kWh after 100 programme cycles: 64
  • Duration of ECO programme in minutes: 199
  • Number of place settings: 14
  • Noise emission class: B
  • Noise emissions in dB(A): 43
  • EcoFeedback
  • EcoPower technology
  • Proven hygiene
  • Hot water connection
  • Half load
Gentle Treatment of Crockery and Glassware:
  • AutoOpen drying
  • SensorDry
  • Active condensation drying
  • BrilliantGlassCare
Wash programmes:
  • ECO
  • Automatic
  • Intensive 75 °C
  • PowerWash 60 °C
  • Gentle
  • QuickPowerWash
  • ExtraQuiet 40 dB(A)
  • Appliance care
Dishwashing options:
  • Express
  • AutoDos
  • extra clean
  • extra dry
Basket Design:
  • Cutlery loading: 3D MultiFlex tray
  • FlexCare cup rack: 1
  • Basket design: ComfortPlus
  • Waterproof system
  • Filter indicator light
Technical Data:
  • Niche width in mm: 600 - 600
  • Niche height in mm: 805 - 870
  • Niche depth in mm: 570
  • Depth with door open in cm: 116,5
  • Total rated load in kW: 2,0
  • Voltage in V: 230
  • Fuse rating in A: 10
  • Number of phases: 1
  • Electrical frequency standard: 50
  • Length of water inlet hose in m: 1,50
  • Length of water drain hose in m: 1,50
  • Length of supply lead in m: 1,80
  • Min. - max. front panel weight in kg: 4,0 - 11,0
  • [can be retrofitted by Service]: 7,0 - 14,0
Product Features:
  • Innovative design and maximum convenience – 3D MultiFlex Tray
  • Communication with the appliance couldn't be easier – WiFiConnect
  • Perfect results in less than one hour - QuickPowerWash
  • Fresh water dishwashers – from 6,0 litres in the Automatic programme
  • Very easy door opening and closing – ComfortClose
Dishwasher Features
Brand Miele
Basket Design ComfortPlus
Basket Features
  • Comfort
  • Cutlery Basket
  • 3D MultiFlex Tray
Colour Stainless Steel
Convenience Features
  • Delay Start up to 24 Hours
  • ComfortClose
  • Waterproof System
  • Hot Water Connection
For a better results
  • SensorDry
  • AutoOpen Drying
Product Category
  • Home Appliances
Wash Programmes and options
  • Gentle
  • ECO
  • QuickPowerWash
  • ExtraQuiet
  • Intensive 75 °C
Dishwasher Type Fully-Integrated
Place Settings 14
Number of Wash Programmes 8
Delay Start 24 Hours
Noise Level 43 dB
Additional Features
  • Delay Start
Display & Control
Control Type Button
LCD/LED Display Yes
Electrical Connection 10 A
Power 2000 W
Power Source Main
Voltage 230 V
Width 598 mm
Depth 550 mm
Height 805 mm
Weight 47 kg
Energy Rating Label B
Warranty 24 months

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