Samsung 23L 800W Freestanding Solo Microwave | Silver


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Product Features:
  • 23L capacity
  • Deodoriser
  • Sound option
  • Ceramic enamel interior
  • Triple distribution system
  • Easytronics dial control
  • Ice blue LED display
  • 800W microwave power
  • Weight/serving control
Stylish Design

The Samsung MW3100H’s sleek, the premium design fits seamlessly into any modern kitchen thanks to the transparent black Crystal Gloss handle and dial. The easy to read ice blue display illuminates the settings and clock, making it easy to operate.

Smart Moisture Sensor

Serve perfectly cooked fresh vegetables, pasta and more with ease in the MW3100H. With the push of a button, Samsung’s unique Smart Moisture Sensor checks the interior air humidity to determine when cooking stages are completed, eliminating over- or under-cooked meals.

Cook Healthy Food with Ease

The MW3100H features 20 pre-set cooking modes to help you cook healthy meals in minutes. From green beans and brown rice to boneless chicken breasts and fresh salmon fillets, the result is moist and flavourful food.

Clean with Steam

The Samsung MW3100H Grill comes with a built-in Steam Clean cup attached to the inside of the microwave. Simply fill with water, select the Steam Clean function, and let this smart appliance do the work. Heated water creates steam that loosens food particles that then can be easily wiped away. * Only Grill Model

Soften in a Snap

The MW3100H features 4 handy modes - Melting Butter, Melting Dark Chocolate, Melting Sugar and Soften Butter - to achieve perfectly soft or melted ingredients. Whether you are a novice cook or a seasoned chef, it helps create amazing dishes with ease.

Superior Ceramic Interior

No more scrubbing or scratched surfaces. With a ceramic interior, the Samsung MW3100H Solo/Grill Microwave Oven offers a smooth surface that is easy to clean and won't discolour over time from oil or grease residue. Compared to stainless steel and epoxy interiors, this ceramic interior cavity is anti-bacterial and scratch-resistant, providing long-term superior quality.

Energy Saving Standby

Even in standby, similar microwaves use power to maintain essential functions. Selecting the ECO Mode setting on the Samsung MW3100H significantly reduces power usage, saving you money on your monthly energy bills.

Microwave Features

Additional Features
  • Child Lock
  • Reminder End Signal
  • Eco Mode
  • Anti-Bacterial Interior
  • Scratch-Resistant Interior
  • Easy To Clean
  • Triple Distribution System
  • Interior Light
  • Clock
Build Type Freestanding
Capacity (L) 0 -24
Control Type Dial & Buttons
Defrost Function Yes
Microwave Type Solo
Turntable Size 290 mm
Cavity Surface Material Ceramic Enamel
Cooking Methods Weight control
Microwave Power
Voltage 230 V
Power 800 W
Number of Power Levels 6
Width 489 mm
Depth 374 mm
Height 275 mm
Weight 12 kg


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