Dimplex 2kW Convector Heater with Thermostat & Timer


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This stylish ML convector heater has a powerful 2kW heat output making it ideal for heating medium to large sized rooms and comes with an integrated electronic thermostat with 7 day timer and offers the ability to program 4 independent schedules per day.The timer features an adaptive start timer setting, a self learning feature that pre-heats the room ahead of a programmed heating schedule for only exactly the amount of time required so it is at the right temperature at the start of the schedule.So for example, if the ML was following a timer which was set to 21 degrees at 7am, with adaptive start the heater will begin to heat before 7am to achieve 21 degrees at 7am, without adaptive start the ML will only begin heating at 7am.In addition the electronic thermostat allows the desired temperature to be set to within 1 degree celsius and includes a setting to help protect against frost conditions. You can also adjust the power level with ease thanks to the purposefully large rotary heat selection dial to enable closer control of energy usage.

Key Features:

  • 2kW heat output
  • Timer
  • Thermostatically controlled with frost setting
  • Integrated carry handles
  • Quiet operation
  • Large easy to use control dial

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