Bosch 60cm Induction Hob


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Serie | 4 induction hob 60 cm Black

Key Features

  • 4 Induction zones, for safe responsive cooking
  • Hob heats your pans and not the surface to save energy
  • Boost power when you need an intense blast of heat
  • Handy feature gives instant heat for quick cooking
  • Dimensions (cm) - H5.1 x W59.2 x D52.2

Equipped with 4 cooking zones, this hob from Bosch is the sous chef you never knew you needed. Induction technology gives you instant, precise temperature control, boiling water in less than a minute, and it's a cinch to clean up if anything does spill over too. The Quickstart function makes having multiple pots on the go even easier, and the timer with auto shut-off means you can set and forget when it comes to stews and slow cooking. Induction technology warms the pan – not the hob, so you get instant, precise heat. That means lower energy bills, more control over temperature when cooking, and quicker clean-up afterwards. There are no buttons or dials on this hob. Instead, with a tap of a finger, you can turn on your chosen cooking zone, select your ideal temperature and even lock the hob to prevent any accidental changes. Fancy boiling in under 90 seconds? PowerBoost is here to help you out. Handy if you're hungry! Put your pan on the hob and it'll automatically display the matching zone on the control panel, without you having to select it. Handy when you're juggling loads of different dishes at once.

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