Miele 80cm PowerFlex Induction Hob

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Con@ctivity 3.0: Smart Control

Innovative convenience: the cooker hood reacts automatically to settings on the hob. Concentrate fully on cooking: with Con@ctivity 3.0, your cooker hood always knows exactly what to do. As soon as the hob is switched on or off, the cooker hood responds automatically. The extraction power is automatically adjusted to what is happening on the hob, ensuring a pleasant room climate at all times. The appliances communicate with each other via WiFi. Con@ctivity 3.0 allows you to integrate the cooker hood and hob into Miele home.

Safety Functions: For Greater Safety and Security

The safety functions prevent any unpleasant surprises – even if your mind is on other things. Best protection in every situation: the system lock provides reliable protection against accidental or unauthorised switching on. If a cooking zone has been operating at the same power level for an unusually long time or there is no pan on the hob, it will switch off automatically. The residual heat indicator is another useful feature: it reminds you not to touch the cooking zones when they are still hot.

Twinbooster: Booster Function for Rapid Heating

Flexible power: the induction power can be individually distributed or focused on just one cooking zone. For especially rapid heating: with Miele's exclusive TwinBooster function, you can concentrate the power of two cooking zones into a single cooking zone if required. Or you can distribute the induction power individually for even more flexible cooking.

Convenient Additional Functions: Added Convenience

Numerous additional functions such as Stop & Go and the timer make life easier in the kitchen. Added convenience when cooking: with the Stop & Go function all cooking zones can be reduced to power level 1 at the press of a button, allowing you to leave the hob unattended for a short time. The Keeping warm function keeps food at serving temperature. As an extra benefit, you can set the timer so the cooking zone will switch off automatically when the time has elapsed. The Recall function ensures that your settings are saved for 10 seconds.

Permanent Pan Detection: Set Down Your Pan and Get Cooking

Automatic control element activation: when the hob is turned on, pans which are already in place are detected. All you have to do is switch on the hob – if there is already a pan on a cooking zone, the corresponding control element will be activated automatically. So there is no need to switch on the individual cooking zones manually. The size of the pan is also detected automatically to ensure particularly efficient energy usage.

Smartselect: Easy Operation with Smartselect

Quick and intuitive: power levels and times can be selected directly for each cooking zone. With SmartSelect, you can set power levels and times quickly and easily. Each cooking zone has a numerical display with yellow backlighting which can be read easily from any angle. SmartSelect makes it easier to set the three-digit timer, as the minute minder and Auto switch off can be selected separately.

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