Elica 88cm NikolaTesla Flame Recycling Vented Gas Hob | Available to Order


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This product is available to order. Please email websales@redmondelectric.ie or call 053 9420055 for more details on lead time and delivery. 


  • A Energy
  • 63 db(A) Ducted
  • 69 db(A) Recycled
  • 3 Speeds + 2 x Boost
  • Rotative Control for Individual Zones
  • Max Airflow 600m³/h Ducted
  • Max Airflow 530m³/h
  • Recycled 4 x Gas Zones


The first GAS hob with an integrated hood on the market, designed with style to match the tradition of the flame with the innovation of a powerful integrated aspiration.


  • The custom and serenity of cooking on the flame today meets one of the most innovative solutions on the market in terms of aspiration. A modern and elegant glass and cast iron design to bring a technologically advanced hob to your kitchen, developed in compliance with all safety standards to find the right balance between the flames of the burners and a new suction from below that replaces the traditional kitchen hood
  • The flat grids are carefully designed to facilitate every movement with the pan avoiding the need to lift it to change the burner, while the back cover completes the whole adding an elegant and useful support base
  • Grease and high performance regenerable odor filters can be removed from the top without any effort, in the same way it is possible to access inner part to clean from accidentally leak out of the pots. In addition a special valve allows the discharge of any spilled liquid, to ensure maximum hygiene to your kitchen


Long Life Filter ++ is the innovative filter studied by Elica for maximum performance. This filter guarantees a filtering efficiency of more than 80%, as compared to the market average, which only reaches 60%. This type of odour filter can be regenerated and lasts for up to a maximum of three years, thus avoiding frequent and wasteful replacements. In order to preserve these characteristics, the filter must be regenerated every 2 or 3 months according to a simple procedure, which maintains it good as new. The perfect solution if you like trying out challenging dishes which take a long time to cook.


Keeping your hood clean not only ensures maximum hygiene in the kitchen but also long life for the product. The Elica models are designed with materials and finishes for instant maintenance operations. All the components, such as the grease and odour filters, can be easily accessed and removed so they can be washed or rapidly replaced.


Lots of large pans on the stove together? With the Multi Flex Space system, you have more space available both in length and width when using large pots. You can slide the pans from one ring to another without lifting them thanks to the closed cross grids which create a flat, continuous surface. A practical cast iron worktop ensures that everything you need is always at hand.


With Dual Burner, having small or large pans is not a problem. The innovative burner features a double crown with independent ignition of both burners, so perfect for both a small mocha coffee and a big pan.


Brand Elica
Colour Black
Design Recycling 
Fuel Type Electric
Hob Gas
Number of Zones 4
Controls Front
Controls Type Rotary
Power Boost Function Yes
Width (mm) 880
Depth (mm) 510
Height (mm) 210
Warranty 5 years (subject to registration with Elica)
Cut (cm) 84x48
Extraction Version Recycling 
Finish Black glass + cast iron
Aspiration Controls 3S+2B Rotative
Booster Airflow (m3/h) 600
Suction Speed (m/s) 5.1
Noise Level (db(A)) (Min-Max) 47-62
Total Absorption Aspiration System (W) 310
Voltage (V) 220 - 240
1st Burner Type Dual special (3,5kW)
2nd Burner Type Semi rapid (1,75 kW)
3rd Burner Type Semi rapid (1,75 kW)
4th Burner Type Rapid (3,0 kW)
Grease Aluminium Filter Included Yes
Ceramic Odour Filter Included Yes

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