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TCL Side by Side Fridge Freezer RP503SSF0UK

Inverter Compressor

Unlike a standard compressor that operates intermittently, alternating between full power and off ("On-Off" mode), the Inverter compressor operates linearly and continuously adjusts its speed. The speed automatically adjusts itself according to the temperature variations detected, which ensures a better temperature stability inside the refrigerator for a better preservation of the food. By avoiding successive restarts, this type of compressor is more economical in electricity, quieter, and has a longer service life.

Multi Air Flow

Cold air is distributed evenly at each level of food storage. Better air circulation and faster return to the target temperature guarantee better food preservation.

Total No Frost

The temperature is more uniform in the refrigerator and the freezer does not frost. Optimal conservation, energy savings and ease of use (no more hassle of defrosting, food no longer sticks together, labels remain legible, etc.)

Water Dispenser

Fill the water reserve located in the counter door to benefit from fresh water at any time of the day. The cooled water will be accessible with a simple press on the handle of the dispenser, thus avoiding multiple door openings, saving energy and improving the preservation of the food by preventing the untimely rise in temperature inside the cavity.

Touch screen with digital display

Easy to use and adjust thanks to the digital display on the front panel. Convenient to use, the touch screen allows precise temperature adjustment for each compartment, direct access to optional functions without opening the doors, and displays alarms when available.

Power Freeze

To quickly find the optimum freezing temperature thanks to the temporary lowering of the freezer temperature to -24C °. Useful after a full load of frozen foods so that they quickly regain the core temperature of -18 °, or to initiate the freezing of fresh foods by quickly bringing them to the optimal freezing temperature to preserve their taste qualities.

Power Cool

The Power cool function allows you to quickly return to an optimal refrigeration temperature by temporarily lowering the refrigerator temperature to 2C°. Useful after shopping when you store a large quantity of food that has reached a higher temperature than the temperature inside the fridge, this mode is automatically deactivated after 2 hours to avoid unnecessary electricity consumption.

Smart Mode

What if your refrigerator was capable of speeding up the refrigeration or freezing of food after opening the doors for a long time? This autonomous reaction capacity is now possible thanks to the Smart Mode. The appliance's electronics detect variations in temperature and humidity, and immediately regulate the production of cold in order to restore the temperature in your refrigerator or freezer as quickly as possible, so that food can be stored in optimum conditions.

Product Specification:

  • Addtional Compartment type: 2-star section
  • Freezer Storage Compartments: 2 Drawers, 3 shelves, 2 glass covers, 4 balconies
  • Freezer opt temp setting: -18 C
  • Freezer Defrosting type: auto-defrost
  • Addtional opt temp setting: -12 C
  • Balconnies: 3 Water Dispenser
  • Ice Cubes Accessory: Twist Ice Maker
  • Freezer Compartment volume: 156 l
  • Freezer Freezing capacity: 8 kg / 24h
  • Addtional Defrosting type: auto-defrost
  • Freezing volume: 181 l
  • Addtional Compartment volume: 25 l
  • Power outage safe storage time: 7h
  • Freezer Compartment type: 4-star
  • Dispencer: water
  • Fan: Yes
  • Interior Colours: Light Blue
  • Colour: dark silver
  • Freezer Temperature Rise Alarm: Yes
  • Door Open Alarm: Yes
  • Display: Touch Control Digital Display
  • Handle: Recessed
  • Child Lock: Yes
  • Antibacterial Feature: AAT TechNology
  • Cool Air Distribution Mode: MultiFlow
  • Fast Freezing Function: Yes
  • 4 STAR Fast freeze: Yes
  • Winter setting: No
  • Smart Mode: Yes
  • Fast Cooling: Yes
  • Connected light soure: No
  • Energey efficiency class: F
  • Guarantee duration: 24 months
  • Climate class: SN/N/ST/T
  • Power consumption (standby): No
  • Annual energy consumption: 392 kWh
  • Power supply: 220-240V~50Hz
  • Light Anti-glare shield: Yes
  • Acoustical noise: 41 dB
  • High luminace light source: No
  • Lighting technology used: LED
  • Acoustical noise class: C
  • Directional light: No-directional
  • Light Dimmable: No
  • Maximum ambient temperature: 43 C
  • Light mains or not: no-mains
  • EEI index: 125
  • Minimum ambient temperature: 10 C
  • Refrigant type: R600a
  • Packaging size: 977 / 1855 / 677 mm
  • Data status: CONF
  • Product / packaging: 83,00 / 93,00 kg
  • Product Size: 920 / 1768 / 630 mm
  • Brand: TCL
  • Commercial reference: RP503SSF0
  • Type: American style P '21 range
  • NPI status: Active
  • Project status: CONF
  • Compresor type: Inverter
  • Total capacity: 503 l
  • Segment: SbS
  • Design type: FREESTANDING
  • Chill volume: 322 l
  • Major Compartment volume: 322 l
  • Egg Tray: 6 Eggs
  • Crisper(s): 4
  • Shelves: 3
  • Major Compartment type: Fresh-food
  • Crisper Drawer Cover: 2
  • Major opt temp setting: 4 C
  • Major Defrosting type: auto-defrost
  • EAN: 8720568101743
  • Data status: CONF
  • Pallet size: 1200 x 800 x 1880 mm


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