Samsung Bespoke SpaceMax Smart Tall Fridge | 186cm (H)


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Key Features

  • All-Around Cooling — Consistent cooling for fresh food
  • SmartThings — Connect and control with your smartphone
  • Salad crisper — Keeps your fruit and veg organised
  • Adjustable shelves — Plenty of space to store big items
  • Dimensions (cm) - H185.3 x W59.5 x D68.8


Struggling to make room in your fridge? Like the TARDIS, this Samsung SpaceMax gives you more space inside, but stays the same size outside. The magic's in the slimmer walls. But that's not the only neat trick. All-Around Cooling gives everything in your fridge a constant, even chill - from chickens to cucumbers, no matter what it is or where it's stashed. And even if you can't stand the heat in the kitchen, your fridge can. When you open the door to stock it, Power Cool just adds an extra burst of chill to keep the internal temperature down and your food nice and fresh.

Good to know

Total No Frost stops ice building up in your fridge so you never have to manually defrost it
- No need to double check the fridge door - if it's open too long, the open door alarm will nag you to shut it
- Stash your favourite tipples in the wine rack and they'll be ready to pop open when you're expecting guests
Digital inverter tech is seriously clever - it alters the fridge's power to optimise the temp and energy efficiency
- Its sliding shelf makes it way easier to find stuff you've hidden at the back of the fridge
- Download the SmartThings app and get handy tips on your energy consumption
- The doors are reversible so you can work it around your kitchen layout

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