Bosch Freestanding Fridge Freezer | 186 (H)


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Serie | 2 free-standing fridge-freezer with freezer at bottom 186 x 60 cm Stainless steel look

  • PerfectFit: place your fridge right next to walls and other appliances to save space.
  • LED lighting - with soft start, lasts for the lifetime of the appliance.
  • FreshSense sensors constantly monitor and control the ambient, fridge and freezer temperature
  • Multi Airflow System: even air distribution for longer freshness.
  • SuperFreezing: Protects frozen food from defrosting.

Additional information

Additional information
  • No Frost, Fridge freezer
  • Cambered Door, High-door design Stainless steel look
Design features
  • Stainless steel look doors and Pearl grey (VZF 07127) side panels
  • Integrated horizontal handle Integrated horizontal handle
  • Right hinged door, reversible door
  • LED electronic control
Key features - Fridge section
  • 1 MultiBox - Transparent drawer with a rippled bottom, ideal for storing fruits and vegetables.
  • MultiAirflow system - improves circulation of air around the fridge
  • Bright interior LED fridge light
  • 4 safety glass shelves (2 height adjustable)
  • Door shelves in fridge door: 1 large and 2 small
  • none/0
Key features - Feezer section
  • No Frost, never have to defrost ever again
  • 3 freezer drawers
  • SuperFreezing function with automatic deactivation
  • Calendar frozen food
  • Freezer malfunction warning signal: optical and acoustical warning system
Additional features
  • Optical and acoustic door open alarm
  • 3 x egg tray, 1 x ice cube tray
Dimension and installation
  • Connection value 100 W
  • 220 - 240 V
  • Height adjustable front feet
  • Dimensions: 186 cm H x 60 cm W x 66 cm D
  • Based on the results of the standard 24-hour test. Actual consumption depends on usage/position of the appliance.
  • To achieve the declared energy consumption, the distanceholders have to be used. As a result, the appliance depth increases by about 3.5 cm. The appliance used without the distance holder is fully functional, but has a slightly higher energy consumption.
Performance and Consumption
  • EU19_EEK_D: E
  • Total Volume : 300 l
  • Net Fridge Volume : 193 l
  • Net Freezer Volume : 107 l
  • Freezing capacity 24h : 12 kg
  • Annual Energy Consumption: 244 kWh/a
  • Climate Class: SN-T
  • EU19_Fast freezer facility_D: yes
  • Noise Level : 42 dB
  • Temperature rise time : EU19_Temperature rise time_D: 12 H

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