Neff N 70 Built-in Combination Microwave Oven


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N 70 built-in compact oven with microwave function

  • CircoTherm® – Smart hot-air solution that lets you bake on up to four levels. 
  • Combined microwave and oven - the convenient solution to save space and time
  • Shift Control - fast navigation through menus and simple operation with the TFT display.
  • LED lights - Bright illumination exactly where you need it.

Neff compact built-in oven with integral microwave even more ways to cook quickly and conveniently in a very small space.

Microwave Function: Cooking Reinvented - Microwave and Oven in One

When you're wanting space and functionality, this two-in-one oven is just right. Defrosting, microwaving, baking and roasting it's all part of the package. You can thaw out your casserole and cook it afterwards, quickly bake your puff pastries, and roast your rotisserie-style chicken to tender goodness. All in one convenient space.

TFT-Display with Shift Control

Getting a grip on your baking is easy with our TFT Display with Shift Control. The control pad lets you move swiftly from one menu to another. A simple touch is all it takes for you to see if the oven is hot enough for that chicken satay & what mode it's cooking in or how much time it'll take till the duck is done. And the colour display also makes it easy on your eyes.

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