Eufy Clean X9 Pro MopMaster Robot Vacuum

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Eufy X9 Pro MopMaster Robot Vacuum | T2320V11

Introducing the All-New Hands-Free MopMaster™ System for a Deeper Clean with the World’s First Active Power Booster CleanerBot, the eufy Clean X9 Pro! This 2-in-1 Robot Vacuum and mop is one a kind with its self-washing, self-drying auto clean station. Sit back, relax and let eufy clean X9 Pro do all the hard work. 

Dynamic Mopping: X9 Pro's strong motor and precise gears allow it to spin at 180 RPM and apply 1kg of pressure, easily removing tough dirt and stains on hard floors.

Mop Floors, Don't Just Wipe: Unlike most other robotic mops that wipe your floors, X9 Pro's mop pads exert downwards pressure as they rotate to remove stubborn stains effectively.

Dual Spinning Mop: Equipped with dual spinning pentagonal mop pads across a gapless mopping area, X9 Pro delivers whole-home cleaning with stain removing power.

Self-Washing: A unique self-cleaning system washes the mop like a washing machine, readying it for the next cleaning in seconds.

Self-Drying: When cleaning is complete, the Auto-Clean Station washes and dries the mop with heated drying of 40ºC to prevent bacteria growth or nasty odours.

Self-Cleaning Station Base: Fresh and dirty water are stored in separate tanks for easy disposal and to eliminate cross-contamination.

12mm Auto-Lift Mop: eufy Clean's breakthrough technology allows X9 Pro to sense when it's approaching a carpet. The mop is automatically raised 12mm to keep your carpets dry while vacuuming.

5,500Pa Strong Suction: The advanced vacuum system effortlessly picks up dirt, including pet fur, crumbs, dust, and mud, leaving your carpets and floors exceptionally clean after just one pass.

Accurate AI.See™ System: X9 Pro avoids common household objects, including wires, shoes, and furniture with 3D ToF sensors and an AI-camera. To protect your privacy, any images are captured, then deleted.

iPath™ Laser Navigation: X9 Pro builds accurate maps of your home so that it can navigate the rooms and clean with ease, even in the dark.

AI.Map 3.0 Technology: AI.Map Technology 3.0 enables multi-floor mapping in real time, selective room cleaning, and even highlighting obstacles on the map to make cleaning a breeze.

Customised Cleaning: Choose how you want to clean. Select areas that need cleaning and the level of suction required. Set no-go zones to stop your robot cleaning the wrong places.

Child Lock: Prevent curious kids and inquisitive pets from accidentally starting a clean thanks to X9 Pro's child lock.



Obstacle Avoidance
3D ToF+RGB Camera

Battery Capacity

Barrier Cross Height

Dustbin Capacity

Tangle-free Brush

Water-Tank Capacity

Mopping Type
Rotating Mop ×2

Downward Pressure of Mopping

Carpet Detection

Mop Auto-Lifting
Yes (12mm)

Heated Mop Pad Drying

Voice Control
Alexa, The Google Assistant

APP Remote Control

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