Electrolux Integrated Fridge Freezer | 178cm (H)


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Integrated fridge freezer

40% faster cool down with ColdSense. Fridge and room temperature sensors react quickly to environment changes, maintaining a stable temperature. A fast cool down is secured and the right temperature is quickly adjusted. Less temperature shocks, protecting the textures in each delicious fruit.

Active temperature control. Ingredients protected. With ColdSense

ColdSense reacts quickly to any temperature change. Cold sensors immediately respond to environment changes, adjusting the fridge temperature 40% faster back to optimal. By avoiding shock temperature changes to food, textures are not damaged. So you can bite the crispiness of all your favourites.

Less freezer maintenance, with LowFrost

The integrated LowFrost system maintains your freezer's temperature to help prevent the build-up of frost. For better performance and less maintenance.

Choose fridge settings with Electronic Control

The Electronic Controls let you adjust the internal temperature of the fridge, while the LCD display conveniently shows you the temperature.

Humidity Control for fresh greens

Enjoy delicious vegetables with our Humidity Control drawer. By managing the moisture in the air, it creates the best environment to store food. Closing the vents creates the ideal space for storing herbs and leafy greens, while opening the vents gives optimum storage.

Maintain perfect texture with FastFreeze

The FastFreeze system freezes fresh foods quickly so that vitamins, textures, flavours, and all healthy qualities are better preserved.

  • Slide door system
  • Useful capacity, freezer: 72 l
  • Useful capacity, refrigerator: 195 l
  • Extremely silent: only 35 dB
  • Fully automatic thawing in the refrigerator compartment

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