Kenwood Multi Food Mincer Chef Attachment | KAX950ME


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Key Features:

  • Outlet: Slow speed outlet
  • Includes 1 x 3mm fine screen, 1 x 4.5mm medium screen and 1 x 8mm screen
  • Polished Die Cast Aluminium
  • Grey Trim
  • Use the pusher to store the sausage and kebbe maker accessories and the hopper doubles as a lid for the storage container
  • PLEASE NOTE:This Attachment does not fit the A701/A701A Series
  • Dimensions (HxWxD in cm): 25 x 25 x 16


Introducing the KAX950ME Meat Grinder attachment for the Kenwood Chef Sense / Sense XL and kMix range of kitchen machines.

With the help of this handy attachment you can help prepare your food for a wide variety of dishes.

Benefits of grinding your own meat:

- Its safer

- Better flavour

- Better texture If you like to make your own sausages, the KAX950ME Meat Grinder Attachment includes a tool for making kebbe (stuffed meat shells for deep frying) and two sausage adaptors for stuffing your own sausages.

This high performance multi food grinder comes with a choice of fine, medium and coarse screens for creating a variety of fillings. All metal body and scroll for high performance even with the toughest meats.


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