Neff N 70, 80cm Induction Hob


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N 70, Induction hob, 80 cm, Black, T58FHW1L0

  • Combi Induction – Merge two circular cooking zones to heat large cookware.
  • Hob-based Hood Control – convenient operation of the hood via your hob.
  • Power Boost – An extra surge of heat when you need fast results.
  • Induction – the heat is generated directly in the cookware for precise cooking that stops when power is off.


Combi Induction - A marriage of two zones.

Roasting trays might be a challenge for conventional hobs, but Combi Induction helps you go big. Merge two cooking zones into one large induction zone – all it takes is a simple tap. Now you can think bigger for all your recipes, and use exactly the cookware you need.

Our hob-based Hood Control is one of the homely details that create real cooking comfort. Address different power levels as well as your hood’s light via your hob. This allows you to keep your focus on the hob while you control the hood right where the steam originates.

Power Boost is our smart, time-saving cooking hack. Want to boil your pasta water in a flash? Simply activate Power Boost to heat it much faster. Get a flexible boost for your dishes.

Our induction hobs are as varied as our chefs. They have just one thing in common: Thanks to the intuitive operation of the TwistPad® or TwistPadFire®, there’s nothing to distract you from what really makes cooking worthwhile: the joy of experimentation.

Technical Specification:

80 cm: space for 5 pots or pans.
Combi zone
: use bigger cookware by connecting two classic cooking zones into one large zone.
Cooking zone front left: 180 mm, 2 KW (max. power 3.1 KW)
Cooking zone rear left: 145 mm, 1.6 KW (max. power 2.2 KW)
Cooking zone middle: 240 mm, 2.5 KW (max. power 3.7 KW)
Cooking zone rear right: 190 mm, 210 mm , 2.5 KW (max power 3.7 KW)
Cooking zone front right: 190 mm, 210 mm, 2.5 KW (max. power 3.7 KW)
Multitouch+: directly control the power with the imprinted touch ring.
yes: directly access favourite functions with a configurable button (available with connected Home Connect account).
Variable 17-stage power settings for each zone: precisely adapt the heat with 17 power levels (9 main levels and 8 intermediate levels).
Switch-off timer: switches off the cooking zone at the end of the time set (e.g. for boiled eggs).
alternative: an alarm sounds at the end of the time set (e.g. for pasta).
Sound volume adaptable to personal preference and needs.
Power Boost function for all zones
: boil water faster thanks to 50% more energy than at the highest standard level.
QuickStart function: when switching on, the hob automatically selects the cooking zone with cookware (when placed on a zone whilst the hob is off).
ReStart function: in case of unintentional switch-off, this feature restores all previous settings by switching on the hob again within 4 seconds
Home Connect with Remote Monitoring: check if the hob is switched off even when not at home, and find recipes or additional functions in the Home Connect app.
Hob Hood Control - hood control (with Wi-Fi enabled hood): automatically activates the hood when cooking, thanks to the WiFi connection of hob and suitable hood.
via MyButton: open up the smart universe from your cooktop (partner service required). via MyButton: open up the smart universe from your cooktop (partner service required).
Updateable appliance (available with connected Home Connect account): keep appliance always up to date with latest status of software. Updateable appliance (available with connected Home Connect account): keep appliance always up to date with latest status of software.
Bevelled front edge
2 stage residual heat indicators: indicates which cooking zones are still hot or warm.
Control panel lock: prevent unintended activation of the hob.
pause function: pause the heating process, e.g to answer the door.
Main switch: switch off all cooking zones at the touch of a button.
Safety cut out facility: for safety reasons, heating stops after a preset time if not used (possible to customise).
Dimensions of the product (HxWxD mm): 51 x 802 x 522
Required niche size for installation (HxWxD mm) : 51 x 750 x (490 - 500)
Min. worktop thickness: 16 mm
Connected load: 7.4 KW
4.6kW power output (20A); current management options for 16A, 13A or 10A connection: limit the maximum power if needed (depends on fuse protection of electric installation).

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