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Key Features:

  • Powerful air purifier monitors air quality & automatically reacts
  • No need to replace the filter for up to 5 years*: save up to £200 in filter replacement costs**
  • Releases a fresh scent as it cleans & neutralises up to 2x the odours***
  • Traps 99.97% of allergens & irritants†, ideal for homes with allergies, families & pets
  • Coverage: 60sq m (1 air change per hour) / 12sq m (4.8 air changes per hour).
  • Dimensions: H38.5 cm x W23.7 cm x D26.6 cm. Weight: 3.32kg. Colour: White
  • 2-year guarantee (UK & ROI only)


No need to replace your filter for up to 5 years*
No need to replace your filter for up to 5 years*
4 layers of powerful filtration
4 layers of powerful filtration
Guards against odours & releases a fresh scent
Guards against odours & releases a fresh scent
Auto-adjusts cleaning power
Auto-adjusts cleaning power


Introducing powerful purification and odour control in one HEPA air purifier, monitoring your air quality and automatically adjusting cleaning power, giving you confidence in the air you breathe.

The best bit? There’s no need to replace your filter for up to 5 years*.

Shark’s NeverChange5 Filtration System won’t need replacement for up to 5 years*, thanks to a DebrisDefence pre-filter which protects the HEPA layer, prevents build-up of hair, dust or dander, and maximises performance. That’s up to 10x the lifespan of some other filters – so you could save up to £200 in filter replacement costs**. This powerful air filtration system captures and traps 99.97% of allergens and irritants, including micro, small and large particles to effectively remove dust, pollen, pet dander, allergens and micropollutants***.
Benefit from 4 layers of powerful filtration: NanoSeal HEPA to capture dust and smoke, Activated Carbon to neutralise odours and gases, a Pet Particle Barrier to guard against dander and allergens, and an easy-to-clean DebrisDefence pre-filter.
Simply remove the screen to vacuum, wipe or rinse the DebrisDefence filter clean in seconds to maintain peak performance.

Anti-Odour Technology for a fresher-smelling home.

Anti-Odour Technology guards against odours and releases a fresh scent as it cleans.
An integrated cartridge neutralises up to 2x the odours†, so you can say goodbye to everyday smells such as those caused by cooking, pets, smoke and more.
Easily adjust the scent level with a simple dial.

Auto-adjusts cleaning power.

Clean Sense IQ monitors air quality and automatically reacts to changes in the environment, adjusting the cleaning power to efficiently remove dust, pollen, smoke, pollution and allergens from your air.
See the air quality improve before your eyes with the real-time results and updates displayed on an easy-to-read LED screen.
Easily view the amount of Particulate Matter (PM) in your air at any time of day – toggle between PM10 (including dust and pollen), PSQ M.5 (including smoke and pollution) and PM1 (including allergens).

Perfect for a good night’s sleep.

This powerful air purifier is ideal for overnight use with quiet performance and dimmable lights for minimal sleep interruption.

Coverage: Purify areas up to 60sq m with 1 air change per hour. Rooms of up to 12sq m will benefit from 4.8 air changes per hour.

For your peace of mind, Shark offers a free 2-year guarantee (UK & ROI only).

Included in the box:
  • 1. 1x NeverChange5 Air Purifier HP150UK
  • 2. 1x NeverChange5 HEPA Filter
  • 3. 1x Anti-Odour Technology Cartridge.

*Tested to GB/T18801-2015 P.CCM, based on 50% CADR decline, 12 sq m cleaning area, and 12 hrs daily operation on MAX fan speed.
**vs UK best-selling air purifiers. 3rd party volume sales data Oct ‘22 - Sep ‘23, using manufacturer recommended filter costs and replacement frequencies over 5 years.
***Based on ASTM E544 vs. HP150 with filter and carbon only, after 30 minutes.
†Non-living matter, based on IEST-RP-CC007.3 99.97% @ 0.1 - 0.2 microns.


Colour: White

Product Weight: 3.32kg

Product Dimensions: H: 38.5 x W: 23.7 x D: 26.6 (cm)

Cord Length: 1.83m

Filter: DebrisDefence / Medium Particle / Activated Carbon / NanoSeal HEPA

Timer: Yes

Guarantee: 2 Years


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