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Fully compatible with the entire Pi family, the Pizza Oven Cart brings unprecedented mobility, convenience, and storage to the outdoor pizza-making experience. Simply roll your oven out, fire it up, and chow down on your favorite homemade pies under open night skies.

Key Features:

Space Saving Shelves

Strong, roomy wing shelves can be folded down for convenient storage when not in use, and easily swing into place to provide extra space for tools and toppings.

Hidden Propane Tank Storage

Keep your propane tank mobile and easily accessible behind a stylish, discrete, magnet-secured fabric panel that’s fire- and weather-resistant.

Locking Castor Wheels

Roll your oven out, fire it up, and put it away in a flash with smooth gliding caster wheels that lock into place when you’ve found your perfect spot.

Quick-Access Tool Storage

A lower storage shelf keeps your tools and accessories within reach, so you can whip up masterpieces like a pro.

Compatible with any PI Oven

Dedicated index points allow the cart to house either Pi Prime or Pi Dual Fuel like a glove, keeping your oven of choice secure even when it’s on the move.

Dimensions & Materials of Pizza Oven Cart

  • Height: 90,8 cm
  • Width (base): 45 cm
  • Width (shelves extended): 122 cm
  • Depth: 45 cm
  • Shelves: 30,5 x 47 cm
  • Weight: 19,5 kg
  • Material: Cold-rolled steel

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