Solo stove Pizza Peel Turner with Long Handle | Stainless Steel


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Master maneuvering made easy. Stainless Steel Pizza Turner keeps the heat at arm’s length and makes an even, golden crust possible with chef-inspired technique.

Key Features:

Easy to Use

Highly specialized for rapid movements, Stainless Steel Pizza Turner is lightweight and compact. Perfect your lift-and-spin technique with the extended comfort-grip handle and rounded paddle.

Long Lasting

Constructed from 304 stainless steel and durable thermoplastic, Stainless Steel Pizza Turner is built to last as long as your Solo Stove Pi.

Solo Stove PI Collection

The Solo Stove Pi Collection celebrates aspiring artisans and the pursuit of perfect tools. Your most authentic experience begins with Pi’s approachable design and deepens with essential additions. Enjoy homespun creations with Stainless Steel Pizza Turner.

Dimensions & Materials of Pizza Turner

  • Length: 55,9 cm
  • Width: 19,3 cm
  • Weight: 0,40 kgs
  • Materials: 304 Stainless Steel

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