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Energy saving and environmentally friendly infrared heater with a unique heating technology that will save you money from the first start!

The Perfect Combination of Fast Heating and Energy Savings

2 Times less electricity consumption

  • Compared to ALL other classic* heaters
  • *Fan, convection, panel, lamp, battery, oil, minibox
    More Efficient Than Other Types of Heating

    Energy-saving infrared technology makes AENO heater more cost effective than most traditional heating systems such as air conditioners, gas heaters, central heating, underfloor heating.

    Infrared Heating Compared to Conventional Convection

    Heaters based on infrared heating technology heat objects and air, without drying it or blowing air around. Here, the heater operates like the sun - heats you and the objects

    Heating by Convection
    • Total distance = 5.8 m
    • Time heating = 58 min
    Infrared AENO Heating
    • Total distance = 1.5 m
    • Time heating = 15 min
    Invisible Design

    Ideally complements any interior. Aesthetics in every millimeter.

    Elegance in Every Detail
    • Premium materials
    • Thin and strong 11 mm glass body
    • With "backside"
    Smart LED Control Unit
    Anodized Sandblasted Real Aluminum
    Ultra Clear Enameled Tempered Glass
    Rubber Pads
    Quality in Every Detail Easy Installation: Aluminum
    • Sandblasted
    • Anodized aluminum
    • Matte coating.
    Very User-Friendly Assembly

    The embossed bolt is easily screwed on by hand without additional tools to install the legs and wall brackets. On the floor, On the wall

    Easy Installation

    On the wall or on the floor with special brackets and legs included. Wall or Ceiling Mounting: Horizontally or Vertically

    Infrared + Convection Heating Method
    Benefits of Aeno Smart Eco Heater

    Low power consumption 160 Watt-hours to 700+ Watt-hours

    Eco-friendly materials safe, natural,durable

    Elegant design thin shape, color choice

    High energy efficiency even heat distribution

    Rollover sensor for your peace of mind

    Mobile application time setting, room heating temperature selection

    Smart Energy-Efficient and Economical Climate Control Without Loss of Heat and Electricity
    • Energy savings up to* 50%
    • As compared to all other classic* heaters
    • Change panel temperature 60 - 120°C Via App
    • From 160 to 700+ Watt-hours 
    • Adjustable glass heating temperature and output power
    *Fan, convection, panel, lamp, battery, oil, minibox
    Adjustable Glass Heating Temperature = Adjustable Energy Consumption

    If you set the heater panel temperature to 60 °C in the mobile app, you will see the decrease in the 'Watts-hour (Wh)' parameter to around 160 Wh in the Statistics tab, if the heater panel temperature is 120 °C, the Watts-hour will be around 700 Wh

    Ambient Room Temperature Sensor in Cable

    Provide a more precise room temperature reading for more comfort

    Safe for Animals

    The heating panel automatically turns off when dropped. There is a sounding notification from the heater, as well as a message in the application.

    Quickly Change the Temperature on the AENO Premium LED Smart Heater

    With the new innovative LED screen you can see the current temperature in the room and easily change it directly on the heater with buttons.

    Hypoallergenic Heating for Your Well-Being
    • Silent
    • Odorless
    • No air blowing
    • Does not dry the air
    • Does not burn oxygen

    100% uniform distribution of heat in the room, and as a result, energy saving.

    Environmental Friendliness

    Does not dry out the air, does not burn oxygen and does not emit harmful substances that affect the well-being and health of people in the room.

    Safe Technology

    The heating element provides a smooth start of heating and does not load the network with sudden jumps.

    Smart Intelligence Technology
    • AENO App – interact with other AENO products
    • Adaptive room temperature and monitoring
    • Adjustable panel temperature from 60 to 120° C
    • Electricity consumption monitoring
    • Fall/Tilt sensor - auto off if falls
    Set and Control Room Temperature Remotely

    From work, from a country house, in the car through the AENO App

    Quick Wi-Fi Setup in Just 1 Minute
    • Download the AENO app (iOS/Android) to your smartphone
    • Press the button on the side of the heater to connect via Wi-Fi
    • Add it to the app
    NEW eco-craft recycled packaging & biodegradable plastic. Drop-test tested
    Solving the Cold Problem in a Smart and Sustainable Way
    • Heating rooms
    • Improving the microclimate during the cold season
    Nordic Countries:
    • Desire of target audience do not depend on central heating
    • Unwillingness to pay for "extra" heat through the window in warm weather
    • Central heating activation according to the calendar, which does not coincide with the weather
    • Winters are warm or cold - Iooking for flexible heat supply
    • Aesthetics and comfort of visitors to cafes, bars, restaurants
    • Setting heating on a timer in rooms and on verandas during cold hours
    • Remote climate control before arriving at the cottage
    • Control over expenses
    • Heating according to specified scenarios
    B2C Values:
    • Health and wellness
    • Home and family
    • Time and money
    • Security and control
    • Comfort and convenience
    Countries and Locations Where:
    • Expensive central heating
    • Low efficiency or comfort from city heating
    • The heating season begins after the onset of cold weather
    • Houses without connection to Central Heating
    Hotels, Beauty Salons:
    • Aesthetics and comfortable conditions for employees and clients
    Small Offices:
    • And rented premises
    B2B Values:
    • Temporary office rent
    • Energy saving
    • Comfort and aesthetics
    • Healthy employees
    What`s in The Box:
    • Premium Eco Smart Heater
    • Legs (2 pcs), Mounting brackets (2 pcs)
    • Mounting kit, hole drilling template
    Product Features:
  • Heating method: Infrared + convection
  • Material: Tempered glass
  • Max power consumption: 700W+
  • Voltage: 220-240 V, 50 Hz
  • Weight: 8.9 kg
  • Adjustable panel heating temperature, 60 °C – 120 °C
  • Fall/Tilt sensor - auto power-off if fallen
  • LED Display with control buttons
  • AENO App - connecting via Wi-Fi 2,4 GHz
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