Remington PROluxe You Adaptive Hair Dryer

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Proluxe You Adaptive Hairdryer

The PROluxe You Adaptive Hairdryer features Intelligent StyleAdapt Technology that learns, adapts and personalises the heat for your best results.Your hair is unique, so your styling tools should be too. That’s why the PROluxe You Adaptive Hairdryer is just for you. Its Intelligent StyleAdapt Technology with three styling modes learns, adapts and personalises the heat to your hairs’ own styling needs – so you can achieve All Day Lasting* salon-quality results that are tailored to you.

Intelligent Styleadapt Technology

We all want to create that salon-quality blow-dry, but finding the right temperature setting or technique for creating it can be difficult. Your hair is unique, so what works for someone else might not work for you. That’s why the PROluxe You Adaptive Hairdryer features

Intelligent StyleAdapt Technology that learns about your hair and adapts the heat to your unique styling needs for your best results. Experience All Day Lasting* salon results with Healthier Styling** and up to 34% less breakage**.

Advanced Diamond Ceramic Coating

Get beautiful, smooth blow-dry results with the PROluxe You Adaptive Hairdryer. Its Advanced Diamond Ceramic Coated Grille is infused with diamond particles to give you even heat distribution whilst drying.

LCD Screen Display

The LCD Screen Display on the PROluxe You Adaptive Hairdryer, clearly displays the setting you have selected.

Intelligent Microprocessor

The Sensor Feeds The Temperature Readings Into An Intelligent Microprocessor.

That continually adjusts the air temperature to the ideal heat for your hair
Infrared Sensor

As You Blow-Dry Your Hair The Infrared Sensor Reads Your Hair’S Temperature 1,800 Times Per Styling Session*.

Learning your styling technique as you dry. *2x/sec x 15 minutes of drying
3 Styleadapt Modes

For any style you want to create.

Quick dry, style and diffuse
Product Features:
  • Intelligent styleadapt technology Learns adapts and personalises the heat
  • Styleadapt LED Indicator
  • Three styleadapt modes: Quick Dry, diffuse, style
  • Advanced diamond ceramic coating
  • LCD screen display
  • Manual mode - 3 heat/speed settings
  • Long life AC motor
  • 2400W/115Km/h air speed
  • Memory function with power on/off switch
  • 3X styling accessories, slim styling concentrator, wide drying concentrator, diffuser
  • Ionic conditioning
  • True cold shot
  • Hang up loop with cord storage

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