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When you open the freezer compartment, you want to see frozen food, not ice or frost. NoFrost protects the freezer from unwanted icing, which consumes a lot of energy and is sometimes quite expensive. NoFrost means: no more tedious and time-consuming defrosting of the freezer compartment, more time for other things - and saving money.

With two completely separate cooling circuits, DuoCooling ensures that there is no air exchange between the fridge and freezer compartments. Food does not dry out, and the smell is not transmitted. And this means: throw away less, go shopping less often, save more and have fun.

Touch Screen

Reality of touch: the touch screen makes it easy and intuitive to operate your Liebherr device. All functions are clearly displayed on the screen. With a light touch of your finger, you can easily select functions or check the current refrigerator temperature.

Recessed Handle

Special and functional: thanks to the vertical, solid and ergonomic recessed handle, the device can be easily opened. In addition, the modern and purist design will fit perfectly into your handleless kitchen.


Our refrigerators are the perfect complement to any minimalist kitchen design: they fit perfectly into a 60 cm deep niche. Only the door protrudes, providing optimal access to the recessed handle and pull handle. Your kitchen will always be an eye-catcher – with a Liebherr fridge in the center.

Power Cooling System

Want to be sure that the cold is almost evenly distributed throughout your refrigeration unit? The PowerCooling system is responsible for this: a fan as powerful as it is quiet distributes cold air efficiently throughout the refrigerator compartment.

Foundation Concept

Does your refrigerator need to be powerful and convenient and at the same time environmentally friendly? Then Liebherr is for you. Our BluPerformance technology makes it versatile: it provides extra volume and cooling performance while consuming very little power. And listen: you can hardly hear anything. Because your Liebherr is extremely quiet despite its high performance.

Quiet / Silent

What would you like to hear in your kitchen? The sound of frying, laughter, music? One thing is definitely not: your refrigerator. He is so calm that you can hardly hear him. His secret is in his modern inner world. All components are coordinated with each other technically and mechanically. Sounds good, right?

LED Ceiling Lighting

LED ceiling lighting illuminates the interior from above for a good view of the products. Extra light spot: The LEDs are positioned in front of the glass panels so that even a full fridge is well lit.

Compartments in the Door

Do you need a safe place to store drinks or food? And do you want to get to them easily? Our in-door compartments provide you with both. They are height adjustable and thus adapt to your needs. The movable and removable bottle holder is also practical: this way your bottles will always stand securely.

Height-Adjustable Shelves on The Inside of The Door

Use the entire space of your Liebherr according to your needs! The height-adjustable shelves on the door will help you with this: it allows you to quickly and easily change the height of the shelves at any time and flexibly use them to securely store bottles and various products.

Glass Panels with Trim Strips in Stainless Steel Look

Sober, bright and inviting – this is what awaits you every time you open your Liebherr. This is ensured, in particular, by transparent glass shelves made of safety glass. You can quickly and easily adjust the height with one hand movement. The stainless steel look of the shelves completes the attractive look.

Separate Temperature Control

Each product - frozen or chilled - has its own optimal temperature. That's why your refrigerator/freezer has separate cooling circuits so you can control the temperature in the fridge and freezer compartments independently. In any situation, choose exactly the temperature that is best suited for your products. Pretty simple and reliable.

Easyfresh Safe with Built-In Drawer

Thanks to the integrated pull-out guides, you can slide the EasyFresh container in and out very easily. Another important plus: the guides securely close the compartment. In this way, your refrigerated products will always be stored in optimal conditions.


Until now, when cleaning the refrigerator, you had to decide: turn it off to save energy? Or leave it on for a better view? The CleaningMode will save you from this dilemma: the cooling is turned off, but the lighting remains on. This way you can clean your Liebherr without any stress.

Energy Saver

Want to save energy and money at the same time? Your Liebherr will support you in this – with an energy-saving mode. When you activate the EnergySaver, the default temperature is increased by two degrees. This means that your Liebherr requires even less energy – and your food remains optimally fresh.


Now guests can come too – your Liebherr is in the holiday spirit too: PartyMode activates the SuperCool and SuperFrost functions. After 24 hours, Liebherr will automatically return to normal operation.


Do you want to freeze fresh food while preserving vitamins? Simply activate SuperFrost and the freezer compartment will increase its cooling capacity. This will keep the temperature constant when you put in unfrozen food. SuperFrost saves energy at the same time: if you do not turn off the function manually, it will turn off automatically after 65 hours.

Screen Lock

The illuminated screen is a magnet for children's hands and your Liebherr knows it. That's what a screen lock is for: it reliably prevents your refrigerator's settings from being changed unintentionally. Of course, you can also just disable the screen lock.

Night Mode

Your Liebherr wishes you a good night and guarantees undisturbed silence: because in NightMode it cuts out all sounds and noises. And even IceMaker is quieter than water, lower than grass. In addition, it also dims the interior lighting so that you are greeted with soft light if you open the refrigerator at night.


Our EasyFresh container guarantees the freshness of food in your home, as in the market. Unpackaged fruits, vegetables or fruits: everything is stored optimally here. Due to the tight closure of the container, under the influence of products, the air humidity in it increases. Thus, the products remain fresh for a long time.

Optional SmartDeviceBox

Want to be ready for the future of the smart home? Your Liebherr will be happy to help you: you can upgrade it with a SmartDeviceBox that will put your Liebherr on the Internet. SmartDeviceBox installs in a few simple steps and opens up a world of digital possibilities to you today.


Do you love understated, cool elegance in the kitchen? Then Liebherr with SteelFinish is your choice. The vertical brushed Colaminat is very similar to real stainless steel, durable and easy to clean. The silver lacquered side walls complete the elegant look perfectly.

Power Off Alarm

Your Liebherr is a real food guardian: in the event of a power failure, it reliably sounds an alarm. You can not only hear it, but also see it. The display shows the maximum temperature reached in the freezer compartment. But you will never be disturbed unnecessarily: if the temperature does not rise critically during a short power outage, the alarm remains off.


You are leaving? Then send your Liebherr on vacation too: in HolidayMode, the fan and SuperCool are off and your refrigerator regulates the temperature to +15 °C. This will save energy and yet prevent bad odors.


Does your refrigerator need to maintain the optimum temperature even if you just put some sun-warmed items from the market in it? That's SuperCool's thing: once activated, your Liebherr ramps up the power until fresh produce is as cool as the rest of the contents. The SuperCool then switches off automatically - but no later than 12 hours later.


Are you familiar with this? You put a bottle of wine in the freezer for a quick chill and forget about it there. With the BottleTimer, this will never happen again: by activating the SuperFrost function, it provides ultra-fast cooling. And once the bottle reaches the optimum temperature, your Lieberr will remind you via the app to take the bottle out of the freezer.

Open Door Alarm

The open door alarm on your Liebherr makes sure you don't waste energy and spoil food: as soon as the refrigerator door is left open for too long, it will alert you - with a flashing light and a warning sound. What you mean by "too long" is up to you: depending on the setting, the open door alarm is triggered after 1, 2 or 3 minutes.


On the holy day of rest, all activity is suspended - this also applies to electrical devices. Your Liebherr takes this into account. In SabbathMode, all refrigerator lights are turned off, as well as all sounds, noises, and the screen. SabbathMode is disabled after 80 hours.

Temperature Alarm

In the freezer compartment of your Liebherr, food remains safe even in the event of a malfunction: the high-temperature alarm reliably warns you when a critical temperature level is reached. You can not only hear this signal, but also see it. The screen displays how much the temperature has risen. Of course, you can turn off the signal manually.

Shelf for 3 Bottles

Now your bottles stay where they belong: on the 3-place bottle rack, three bottles are waiting to be used, safely lying in the refrigerator. The bottle rack fits any glass panel and is therefore very versatile. And if you need to use the space in a different way, just remove the shelf from the refrigerator.

FreshAir Activated Carbon Filter

The smell of some products is sometimes not pleasant. But that's no problem for your Liebherr: Thanks to the FreshAir activated carbon filter, the air in the interior is always fresh. The filter is located directly at the airflow path in the fan housing and neutralizes odors to a large extent. The display will remind you to change the filter.

Egg Tray

Do you want to store your eggs securely and without a box in the refrigerator? No problem with the egg tray: up to 10 chicken eggs are stored here, with good protection and good cooling. The tray is placed both in the inner door and on the glass panels.


Want to securely store your big ice cream cake for your summer party? For a Liebherr freezer, this is no problem: it knows that sometimes you just need more space. Thanks to the VarioSpace system, the individual drawers of the freezer compartment and the glass shelves underneath can be simply removed: there's even extra high storage space!

Replacement Door Seal

Do you think the door seal on your Liebherr needs to be replaced after a few years? You can easily do it yourself: a replacement door seal can be removed with a few simple steps, and a new seal can be inserted just as easily. Thus, this part of the refrigerator will always be spotless and hygienically clean.

Place for a Baking Sheet

Want to keep homemade fruit pie fresh? Or a cooked pizza that needs to be put in the oven later? Simply insert the baking tray into your Liebherr - it has enough space to store the tray. Particularly practical: the tray can be pulled in and out with the door open 90°.

Closing Mechanism

Close the door! Your Liebherr door will always close neatly and tightly: the closing mechanism eliminates any gaps, even if the refrigerator door is closed too loosely or too tightly. Your products are always stored in optimal and safe conditions.

Adjustable Feet

Thanks to the two adjustable feet, the device can be optimally leveled and adapted to the surrounding conditions, for example on uneven ground. So you can be sure that the refrigerator door closes absolutely tightly and heat does not penetrate inside the device and condensation does not form. It also saves energy and money.

Dishwasher-Safe Equipment

Equipping your Liebherr is doubly convenient: on the one hand, it helps in everyday use, and on the other hand, it is easy to clean. Need to clean your oiler, FlexSystem or ice cube tray? Just put them in the dishwasher. This will leave you more time for other things.

Energy Consumption and Volume:
  • Energy consumption per 24 hours: 1.054 kWh/24 h
Control and Functions:
  • Control: LCD monochrome, touch screen
  • Number of temperature zones: 2
  • Number of adjustable cooling circuits: 2
  • Temperature indicator: Refrigerator and freezer compartment
  • Supercool: Configured on the device
  • Superfrost: Configured on the device
  • Refrigerator door open signal: Configured on the device
  • Freezer door open signal: Configured on the device
  • Bottletimer: Configurable via app
  • Night mode: Configurable via app
  • Screen lock: Configured on the device
Refrigerator Compartment:
  • Fridge compartment adjustable temperature range: From +2 °C to +9 °C
  • Humidity regulation: Duocooling
  • Climatic zones of the refrigerator compartment: Easyfresh
  • Freshair filter: In the valve
  • Pull-out mechanisms for drawers in the refrigerator compartment: Built-in drawer guide
  • Number of shelves in the refrigerator of which are adjustable in height: 3
  • Bottle storage: Shelf for 3 bottles
  • Number of shelves on the door for storing bottles: one
  • Number of shelves on the door for storing canned food: 2
  • Compartments in the door: Shelf for bottles and cans
  • Height-adjustable shelves on the inside of the door: Step adjustment
  • Freezer temperature range: -15 °C to -26 °C
  • Freezing system: Nofrost
  • Freezer location: From below
  • Number of containers in the freezer: 3
  • Frostsafe: Fully enclosed drawers with transparent front
  • Pull-out mechanisms for drawers in the freezer compartment: Safety glass drawer
  • Variospace system
  • Freezer compartment symbol (number of stars): 4
Design and Materials:
  • Interiorfit
  • Door shelf material: Plastic
  • Refrigerator shelf material: Glass
  • Door material: Steelfinish
  • Material of adjustable shelves in the freezer compartment: Glass
  • Pen: Recessed handle (both sides, vertical, solid)
  • Closing device
  • Door opening side: Right for interchangeable door
  • Door hanging: Possibly on your own
  • Door opening angle: 115°
  • Door seal: Replaceable
  • Height adjustable legs: 2
  • Transport handles: Front and back
  • Ventilation: Ventilation through the front panel
  • Plug type: Euro
  • Connecting cable (length): 2000 mm
Technical Data:
  • Usable volume, total: 319 l
  • Volume freezer compartments: 94 l
Product Features:
  • Fridge-freezer combination with easyfresh and nofrost
  • Freezing system: Nofrost
  • Can connect to a network of devices (supporting smartdevice)
  • Foundation concept
  • Night mode
  • Power off alarm
  • Power cooling system
  • Sabbathmode
Refrigeration Features
Fit Type Freestanding
Climate Class SN-T
Auto-Defrost Yes
Noise Level 39 dB
Power Failure Safe-Storage Time 20 Hours
Refrigerator Features
  • Open Door Alert
  • Temperature Adjustable
  • Super Freeze
  • Super Cool
  • Bottle Storage
  • Glass Shelves
  • Recessed Handle
  • 10 Egg Tray
Fridge Features
Fridge Capacity 225 L
Fridge Shelves 4
Freezer Features
Freezing Capacity 10 kg per 24hrs
Frosting Free Yes
Display & Control
Control Type Touch
Interior Light LED
Temperature Display Yes
Door Type Right Interchangeable
No.of Doors 2
Electrical Connection 1.4 A
Energy Consumption - Annual 385 kwh
Frequency 50 Hz
Power 183 W
Power Source Main
Voltage 220-240 V
Width 597 mm
Depth 675 mm
Height 1855 mm
Weight 71.5 kg
Energy Rating Label F
Warranty 24 months

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