Remington R3 Style Series Rotary Shaver

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Please note this product has a 2 pin plug!

R3 Style Series Rotary Shaver

The Remington R3 Rotary Shaver is one of the latest additions to the Remington Style Series Shavers. It has dual track blades and flexing cutters to help capture every hair for a precise shave whatever your beard style. The unique 3 day stubble styler attachment helps to give a groomed appearance to a more rugged look.

Pivoting Neck

The Style Series’ Pivoting Neck allows the head of the shaver to adjust and maintain close contact around tricky areas like the chin, jawline and neck to make sure no hair is missed. Anti-microbial Head Surrounds make the Style Series perfect for those with sensitive skin.

Pop-Up Trimmer

A handy Pop-Up Detail Trimmer allows you to trim the edges of facial hair and to catch stray hairs around the ears and nose that the shaver may not be able to reach.

Product Features:
  • Dual track blades
  • Running LED indicator
  • Improved pivoting neck
  • Anti-microbial head surrounds
  • Flexing cutters
  • Pop-Up detail trimmer
  • Corded usage
  • Running led indicator
  • 3 day stubble styler
  • Flexing

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