Remington Style R4 Cordless Shaver

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Key Features:

  • No foam
  • Pivoting neck
  • 40 Minute runtime
  • 3 Days stubble styler guard
  • Improved pop-up trimmer


Remington Style R4 Cordless Shaver with Pop-Up Trimmer

On the go grooming has never been easier or more on trend with the R4 rotary shaver from the Remington Style Series. Switch smoothly from stubble to a clean-shaven look and enjoy a well-groomed appearance after every use. The 3 Day Stubble Styler helps to keep stubble at bay and a Pop-Up Detail Trimmer keeps strays at a minimum.

Tools to Keep You Looking Sharp

Dual track blades and flexing cutters work together to help capture every hair. If you struggle to achieve a clean-shaven appearance around the chin, contours of your cheeks or jawline, the improved pivoting neck on the Style Series allows the shaver to reach even the trickiest of hairs – including those growing in different directions.


Because it’s cordless it’s great for on-the-go. It works for up to 40 minutes after a 16 hour charge so you’ll always have plenty of ‘juice in the tank’. An LED light positioned underneath the main switch will indicate when the shaver is charging.

Anti-Microbial Head Surrounds

Antimicrobial Defence System features Antimicrobial Head Surrounds infused with additives to help protect your skin.

Personalised Styling

Whether you’ve not shaved for a few days or you use it to trim down a full beard, the Stubble Styler attachment gives a groomed appearance to your more rugged look.



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