Samsung Larder Fridge with Non-Plumbed Water Dispenser | 186cm (H)


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More Space Inside: SpaceMax Technology

Now you can get the best of both worlds with SpaceMax. Thinner walls mean more space for food storage on the inside, while the outside size stays the same. All without compromising on performance. You really can get the best of both worlds.

Energy Saving: SmartThings AI Energy Mode

Monitor and proactively save energy. AI Energy Mode* analyses your refrigerator usage patterns and estimates power consumption, based on AI technology. If the estimated electric bill exceeds your preset target, it recommends you to activate the saving mode to reduce energy use.

* Available on Android and iOS devices. A Wi-Fi connection and a Samsung account are required.
Frost Free Food Freshness for Longer: No Frost

Wouldn't finding the ice cream be that bit easier with a frost free fridge? No Frost feature maintains an eventemperature, preventing ice build-up, saving you the time and hassle of defrosting.

Optimal Humidity for Lasting Freshness: Humidity Control Vegetable Box

The Humidity Control Vegetable Box keeps even more fruits and vegetables fresh for a long time, especially as it’s large enough to store bulky items. It continually adjusts the moisture level to maintain the optimal humidity by automatically opening and closing a vent to hold in or release moisture.

Cools Every Corner: All-Around Cooling

Never lose your cool with All-Around Cooling. It does what it says on the tin – moving cool air around the fridge to keep food fresh, with a constant temperature. So everything from chickens to cucumbers will be evenly chilled. Every item stays ideally cooled no matter where it’s stored in the fridge.

Fast Cool

Power Cool provides an extra burst of cooling to lower the fridge's temperature when new items have been added to ensure they are kept fresh and stored safely.

Easily Find and Reach Food at the Back: Slide-In Shelf

Reaching into your fridge often means navigating an obstacle course of items, but the Slide-in Shelf simply slidesin and out. So you can efficiently store, organise and access your food - quickly and easily finding and reachingthings at the back and in every corner, with no "dead space".

Flexible Storage to Fit More in the Door: Adjustable Door Bin

Fitting large or oddly shaped items into the fridge can be a challenge. So an Adjustable Bin in the door helps youeasily organise and flexibly store more and different sized items. You can adjust the space to accommodate allsizes of bottles, cartons and other items and ensure they stay in place.

See in Every Corner with Brighter Light: LED Lighting

The ultra bright Stage Lighting in the top and sides of fridge brilliantly illuminates every corner. It's also moreenergy efficient and slimmer than conventional lighting, which saves money and creates extra space for food. Italso generates a softer light that is more comfortable on your eyes.

Easy to Clean, Durable & Protective Back: Clean Back

We all know how filthy the exposed cables and coils on the back of a normal fridge get, and no one wants that in their kitchen. So we’ve made this refrigerator cleaner and a lot more durable with a metal Clean Back cover. That means it’s easy to keep pristine – just give the smooth surface a quick wipe – and the inner workings are nicely protected from any bumps and knocks.

Long-Lasting and Efficient Compressor: Digital Inverter Compressor with 20 Year Warranty

Enjoy a long-lasting performance that helps protect the environment by reducing waste electrical and electronicequipment*. Samsung appliances are built using high quality components and engineering, so they offeroutstanding durability. Thanks to the extended parts warranty period of 20 years** on

*Samsung works within the WEEE (Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment) regulations for the environmentally-safe collection, treatment, recycling and disposal of equipment **Limited to the compressor only. Applying to all DIT models sold from July 2022

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