Russell hobbs Inspire Kettle - White

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Inspire White Kettle

If you’re looking to add a touch of glamour to your kitchen, the White Inspire Kettle offers style as well as performance. By combining a black premium textured high gloss finish with stunning stainless steel accents; this kettle will add a touch of class to any kitchen counter.

Boils One Cup in 55 Seconds*

The White Inspire Kettle allows you to measure the perfect amount for one cup using a rapid boil zone feature. By boiling one cup in just 55 seconds* means it’s never too late for that last cup of tea.

Perfect Pour Spout

The White Inspire Kettle is designed with a perfect pour spout that creates a streamlined flow of water straight from your kettle to your cup, leaving the days of splashes and splutters all over the counter behind.

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