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Cook with confidence, with seven cooking options to choose from and little or no oil required, the Russell Hobbs SatisFry Large makes your favourite meals in less time, with less fuss, less mess and all the taste you crave. 

Key Features

Yes you can.

Get ready to cook up a storm in the kitchen with the Russell Hobbs SatisFry Large. It has everything you need to cook delicious food with confidence. Why dial for a takeaway when the SatisFry Large can make up to 2.1kg of chips in less time than a traditional fryer or conventional oven*, with little or no oil required, meaning less fat in the end-result. Air fried meat and fish retain their natural succulence and flavour, so if you’re not a confident cook, the SatisFry makes meals easy. With dishwasher safe parts, it can be clean and ready for your next meal without fuss or mess.

Little or no oil required

Air Fryer technology crisps, browns and bakes with little or no oil required. Meat stays succulent as the cooking process helps to retain natural juices.

Faster Results

The SatisFry Air Large air fries up to 78% faster than previous models and up to 82% faster than conventional oven cooked food.

Dishwasher-safe removable crisping plate and basket

The removable crisping plate and basket are dishwasher safe***, for ease of cleaning in the dishwasher or sink after every use.

48% energy saving

Saves up to 48% energy compared to a conventional oven.

7 Pre-set cooking functions

Whether you’re cooking a family dinner, preparing a mid-week meal or enjoying a quick snack, the Russell Hobbs SatisFry Air Large offers a choice of 7 cooking functions in one handy air fryer: Chips, Fish, Prawn, Chicken, Steak, Pork Chop and Bake.

Adjustable thermostat with precise temperature control (up to 200°C)

Whether you’re cooking a delicate salmon or a hearty steak, with a precise temperature control up to 200 degrees, you can ensure your food is perfectly cooked at the correct temperature.

60-minute timer with auto switch-off

AirFry for up to 60 minutes at a time! Just set the timer and an alarm will sound when the cooking cycle has completed. If you leave your air fryer switched on it will beep three times and shut-off automatically once the cooking cycle is complete or if the basket is removed, giving you extra peace of mind.

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