Samsung Series 11 SmartThings 14 Place Integrated Dishwasher


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Key Features:

  • 14 Place Settings
  • Water Jet Clean - Rotating dual wash arms delivers intensive cleaning
  • Auto Open Door - Let the steam escape at the end of a cycle to perfectly dry items
  • Express Wash - Power through a wash in just one hour when you're short on time
  • SmartThings* - Helpful notifications, energy monitoring and remote engineer assistance
  • Info Light - Look out for the blue light to see if the dishwasher is on

Exceptional performance 

Shows how the dishwasher's Freestanding design fits neatly under the counter and complements the cabinets of a modern kitchen.

More energy efficient - Efficient Washing & Drying

Use less energy but still clean and dry dishes effectively. Under the new European energy labelling, it has a high energy efficiency rating with B energy labels*. Using an innovative All-in-one Sump module, which has a unique flow path, it consumes less power and only 8 litres of water**

More washing power

Get better washing results using the new WaterJet Clean™. With rotating dual wash arms, it delivers more intensive cleaning from every angle. The two spray arms have separate water jets and rotate in opposite directions, so it cleans heavily soiled pots, pans and dishes quickly and thoroughly.

Quiet, tranquil home - Extra Quiet

Minimise noise in your home. The dishwasher works more smoothly and quietly as it has an Inverter motor. It also has an Extra Silence programme that washes a little bit slower, but creates 2 decibels less noise than the ECO program*. The amount of noise it makes is even quieter than a library.

Hygienic rinsing to eliminate bacteria - Hygiene Care

Rinse hygienically to eliminate germs and bacteria. With certain programs, a Hygiene Care option extends the final rinse and increases the water temperature to 70˚C. This enables deeper cleaning and kills off 99.999% of bacteria*. So your dishes, cutlery and utensils are always safe to use.

Shows a dishwasher full of plates that have been rinsed at 70˚C using the Hygiene Plus option to eliminate 99.999% of bacteria.

Automatically releases steam & dries - Auto Open Door

Get sparkling clean dishes every time with the Auto Open Door feature. When the rinse and dry process is complete, the door automatically opens 10cm to allow steam to escape. It gives you faster and better drying results than conventional methods, especially for plastic and small items.

Shows how the door opens automatically when a cycle ends, so that steam escapes and everything dries quickly and effectively.

More flexible space - Flex Load

Fit in various sized dishes, glasses and cups. The middle rack’s tines can be adjusted across 3 settings using a lever and it has a glass holder. A high lower rack with foldable tines at the front helps load dishes and bowls stably, while tines at the back fold down fully to load bigger items.

Personalised cleaning - Download Program

Customise your cleaning experience whenever you want. The Download Program option* lets you choose from 3 additional specialist programs and instantly download the one you want using the SmartThings App** on a smartphone. Simply select the “Pots and Pans”, “Plastic” or “Baby Care” cycle.

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