Bosch Series 4 Built-in Oven Stainless steel


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Bosch Serie 4 Built In Electric Pyrolytic Cleaning Single Oven with Steam Function, Stainless Steel

The built-in oven with added steam: achieve delicious baking results thanks to hotair steam heating mode.

  • 3D Hotair: even heat distribution for perfect results on up to three levels.
  • AutoPilot 10: every dish is a perfect success thanks to 10 pre-set automatic programmes.
  • Red LED display control: easy-to-use thanks to clear time display.
  • Pop-out controls: Make the front of the oven easy to clean and give it a sleek look.
  • Pyrolytic self-cleaning: Automatically cleans the oven, just wipe out the ash.
Rotary dial, Retractable control dials, round
LED-display control (red)
Electronic clock timer
Extra large capacity oven with grey enamel
Straight bar handle
Interior halogen light, Light on/off when oven door opened/closed
5 shelf positions
Cavity volume: 71 litre capacity
Heating-up indicator
AutoPilot Automatic start
Electronic door lock
Control panel lock Automatic safety switch off
AutoPilot, 10
Automatic programmes
Water bowl with a volume of 250 ml
Integral cooling fan
Maximum window temperature 30° C
Low door temperature during pyrolitic cleaning
Pyrolytic self-cleaning function
Cleaning Assistance: hydrolyse manual
Full glass inner door
Oven with 8 heating methods: 3D Hotair, conventional top and bottom heat, Hotair grilling, full width variable grill, pizza function, bottom heat, Hotair gentle, hot air and steam combined
Temperature range 50 °C - 275 °C
Fast pre-heating function
1 x combination grid, 1 x universal pan, 2 x Universal pan, slim size
Energy efficiency rating (acc. EU Nr. 65/2014): A
Energy consumption per cycle in conventional mode:0.99 kWh
Energy consumption per cycle in fan-forced convection mode:0.81 kWh
Number of cavities: Main cavity Heat source: electrical Cavity volume:71 litre capacity
120 cm Cable length
Nominal voltage: 220 - 240 V
Total connected load electric: 2.99 KW
Appliance dimension (hxwxd): 595 mm x 594 mm x 548 mm
Niche dimension (hxwxd): 585 mm - 595 mm x 560 mm - 568 mm x 550 mm
Please refer to the dimensions provided in the installation manual
We recommend you to choose complementary products within SER4, in order to assure an optimal design combination of your Built-In appliances.

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