Bosch Vacuum Cleaner Bags PowerProtect Type G


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Key Features

  • Capacity: 5L
  • High Airflow
  • 4 Bags Included
  • Protects Vacuum Cleaner

PowerProtect Dustbag: up to 60% more suction power even when the bag fills up.

High quality original bags Power Protect Dust Bag into vacuum cleaners Bosch All Type G. They are also useful for high-vacuum energy class A. The bag ensures high suction power even for vacuums with lower wattage. Only the original bag can provide unabated suction power (up to 60% greater) for these vacuum cleaners even when partial filling of the dust bag. The bags are made of thicker material than conventional synthetic bags.

Product description 

  • The new PowerProtect Dustbag ensures a high suction power on low wattage vacuum cleaners when the dust bag fills upNewest fleece technology for a longer service lifeUp to 50% longer performance: Less frequent dust bag changes thanks to extra high dust pick-up capacityMultilayer for highest filtrationConvincing hygiene: 99.9% of fine dust particles are filtered, and the hygiene lock ensures clean disposalLonger lifetime of the appliance: High dust retention capacity and custom-fit bag closure ensure efficient motor protectionSuitable for all current variants* up to energy efficiency class A.

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